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Fuel System Analyzer EFI2100
    • (1) Diagnose the fuel system thoroughly without road test.
    • (2) Super convenient connectors and stable meters.
    • (3) OEM acceptable: Label, Model, Color, Logo, Package.

Modern EFI systems are designed to ensure that engines operate at the ideal air/fuel ratio to maximize engine performance and longetivity whilst minimizing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

To achieve this, accurate control over both fuel pressure and flow rates are essential and should be verified at each service interval.
The Fuel System Analyser quickly and accurately tests the entire fuel delivery system identifying unacceptable fuel pressures, inadequate fuel flow, fuel aeration, incorrect manifold vacuum and internal leakages.


1.Fuel pressure test
2.Fuel flow test
3.Engine intake manifold vacuum test
4.Backpressure in exhaust


Simultaneously with the engine running.

Various connectors, fit for most common cars.
---Blocked Exhausts---
---Blocked Fuel Filters---
---Leaking Fuel Injectors---
---Water Contaminated Fuel---
---Faulty High Volume Pumps---
---Faulty Low Volume Pumps---
---Leaking Non-Return Valves---
---Restricted Pre-Pump Strainers---
---Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulators---
---Aerated and/or Vapor Locked Fuel---
Test & Prove All of the Above
With One Tool!


Range of fuel pressure test 0~800Kpa
Range of fuel flow test 0.5~3L/min
Range of vacuum test -100~0Kpa
Weight 3.3kg
Dimension 350X430X120mm
Shell material Aluminium